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Our Product System is a type of Web Application where anyone can manage their customer, sale and invoice details, where you can purchase products by products as well

You can check live with demo data here.

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Password “password”

The Main modules of the PMS is list below;

  • Products

Our system will provide details about the products with category and cost. It will keep record of all your products with mention category.

  • Customers

It will create customers list with proper details like CNIC number, Personal Address etc. You can add or delete customers.

  • Payment

This system will even manipulate bills like; partial bills and partial pay. system gives fee like; full payment; partial price. In case of partial payment record of all the person payments is maintained.

  • Stock

Our system will provide all the details of stock. You can add stock with products details. You can add any item at any time to the stock by just selecting the appropriate supplier or inserting the mobile or CNIC number.

  • Suppliers

A systematic mechanism is employed by our system to select the proper suppliers, choose best quality products. You can add products to the stock with details and payment information.

  • Reports

Our machine will offer detail report of products with categories, client’s detail, and dealer element and to be had inventory. You may check clients earnings and loss via in a calendar 12 months wise and you could print the document every time you need, print it as well.

  • Invoice

Our system provide Invoice, a receipt or document issued by a seller to a buyer relating to your every transaction. Customer shall receive an invoice containing all the relevant details regarding his purchasing with us.

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