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Want a Tour Advisor with advance tools and features? We’ve got you Covered.

Our Team of Professional Web Developers has put together a ready-to-be-used module explicitly for the purpose of Travel and Tours. It is a comprehensive module that can cater to all needs of a Traveling Agency. It includes features like Tour Destination Advisor, Affordable Hotel Finder; Rent a Car Service and Booking for Luxury Cruises.

The Tour Destination Advisor comes up with two broad features. One is Tour Advisor and the other is Overview of the Tour you select. The Tour Advisor helps you in the preliminary stages of your Destination Selection. The Client can Search the Destinations by Keywords, Drop down Lists, Filter for Pricing, Review system from other fellow users and featured Places by the Travel Agency itself.

The Second broad feature in the Tours Section is the Overview or Features of the currently selected Tour Plan. For Example what is the Departure Date, Number of Days of Tour, Travel Insurance, Tour Guide Service availed, Lunch in Restaurants availed and scheduling of where and how days of the tour will be spent.

The Hotel Locator helps you in selecting the Hotel by Keywords, Location Finder, Pricing and Customer Review System. It also allows checking availability of Rooms by Check in and checking out time; and the number of Adults and Children on Board.

Other Features include selecting Hotels with extra facilities like Swimming Pools, Restaurants, and Bars etc. If you are not searching for Hotels in particular, for that we have included different categories like Hostel, Motel, Bungalow, Resort, and Villa to help you decide on your stay.

You can use Rent a Car Service to book a car for roaming around during your stay. It comes with feature of Start Date and Return Date of the Car. You can select the type and Model of the car needed and enhance your search with our Pricing and Review system.

Search our Luxury Cruises section with standard features like Keyword, Agency Suggestions, Pricing and Review System. You can use our extra feature of categories like balcony, inside, outside, suite and super deluxe to narrow down your search.

In short, our Trip Advisor is perfect for your business needs as it comes up with latest features and tools and helps your business add value to your clients’ needs.

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