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A Mobil Oil Company approached us to develop an Android App for their sales-force. They wanted to equip them with modern technology which can aid in their fieldwork. Each salesman will install the app on their mobile phones, login to the server with id and password; from there they would be able to record meetings with distributors, place orders, and register new companies. This android app has features like Login Screen, Dashboard, Start Meeting, New Registration, Placing Order, Order List, and Thank You Screen.

Login Screen: It is the first screen the user sees. It requires login id and password of the salesman. The user sees the Login screen upon successful match.

Dashboard: After logging in, the user views the dashboard. It shows Current meeting, if any, an option to register new company; place a new order; and to view the current orders placed previously.

Android Dashboard

Start Meeting: The meeting option includes the type of distributor, and the company name search. If the company is previously registered the sales person can start the meeting, and place the order. If not the company needs to be registered first by the New Registration Option of the Dashboard.

Registration Form: The Company needs to be registered first in order to place order with them. The options of this screen include text boxes like Distributor Type, name, address, contact person, contact number and email.

Current Meeting: It tells the details about the current meeting like, duration, starting time, distributor name and location. The salesman can also record remarks if the meeting went positive or not. And note down the products distributor needs.

Order List: The Dashboard’s Order List Option allows to view the previously placed orders.

New Order: A New Order for a distributor already registered, can be placed from the dashboard’s option of New Order. The New Order has sub screens of Select Product, Order Details, and Thank You Screen. The Select Product allows the salesperson to add Products to the Cart by viewing and selecting product thumbnails; the order details shows the products’ details added to the cart, like product name, quantity and cost; and the Thank You screen pops up at the end of the process.

Android Product List

Conclusion: Therefore, this Android App computerizes the interaction of sales-force with distributors. The sales-force gets a dynamic process once connected with centralized servers. Each salesman has access to his teammates which increases communication and productivity.The databases hoards the data that aid in market research and delivering on customer needs. It also identifies the consumption trends of the products based on location and generates monthly reporting for the orders placed.

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