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Out Reach Marketing Tracking System in Pakistan

Google Maps is a compact mapping application made by Google for the Android and iOS flexible working systems; it uses Google Maps for its information.

History and Features

The Android app was first release in September 2008; however, the GPS-confinement incorporate had been in attempting on cellphones since 2007. Google Maps was initially Apple’s solution for its mapping organization on iOS until the landing of iOS 6 in September 2012, and before long it was supplante by Apple Maps, with Google releasing its own particular Google Maps free application on the iOS arrange the following December.

The Google Maps apps on Android and iOS similarly have many features, including turn-by-turn course, street view, and open travel information. Updates in June 2012 and May 2014 engaged handiness to allow customers to save individual guide ranges for disengaged get to.

Google Maps on iOS got great praise after its free application release in December 2012, with faultfinders highlighting its quick and dirty information and blueprint as positives. With assurance advocates urging customers to impede the segment, and that an April 2014 security approach change enabled. Google to have a united login every single through it iOS applications, helping it perceive each customer’s interchanges inside every application.

The Google Maps for Android and iOS have an expansive number of related features, including turn-by-turn course, street view, and open travel information. Turn-by-turn course was at first proclaimed by Google as an alternate beta testing application world class to Android 2.0 contraptions in October 2009. The main autonomous iOS version did not support the iPad, yet rather tablet reinforce was incorporated with adjustment 2.0 in July 2013. A revive in June 2012 for Android devices added support for detached access to downloaded maps of particular ranges, a segment that was at last released for iOS devices, and made more reliable on Android, in May 2014.


Google Android maps application is already develop, so why not to utilize it for different departments of Pakistan. GPS location is one of the foremost demand of our society. In almost every application, we are require to allow GPS. We can use Google android maps to make our work easier and less time-consuming. Here I am going to name some of the departments where we can use this app, Google android maps.

Outreach Marketing

One can perform outreach marketing through Google Android maps. They can find out the location of various stores or the desired places of their marketing product interest.

Forest Department

In forest department, employees are send to different places for work. Through this app, we can track the location of our staff, and we can keep a strict check on them. By enhancing more features, we can mark the attendance of the employee as he reaches his workplace. And record the exit time of the employee.

Mineral Department

For the mineral department, this app of Google android maps can be beneficial. Workers can track the location where they can find certain minerals and share the locations with other employees.

Health Department

For health department, this app can be beneficial in a way that. If a person wants to find a particular doctor, he can search the desired doctor and can check the location of him. And can also make an appointment with the physicians.


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