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How to Purchase Domain Name?

Every business needs a website, and the step one is registering a domain name. Domain names are your gateway to the online world. Once you have got a tremendous idea for a website or blog, then you definitely need a compelling domain name to go with it.

Domain Name Registrar
If you want to buy a domain name for your website, you’re going to need to work with a domain name registrar. Domain name registrars are the companies that manage the domain names behind all of your favorite websites. Now, it’s time to add yours to the listing.Most registrars come geared up with a comparable set of features, but also have distinct benefits and disadvantages.

Below, we dive into what a domain name registrar truly is; how to select the right registrar; what to look out for; and the good and bad of some of the popular domain registrars out there.

What is a Domain Name Registrar?
A domain name registrar is a service that helps you sign and purchase domain names for the web sites. Domain name registrars have been affiliated with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which is a non-profit organization, delegated the duty to manage the Domain Name all over the internet. Without the domain name system in place, we might have to deal with forget-able IP addresses. Luckily, instead we have easy to remember domain names.

For example, let’s say you’re making plans on promote custom Google Pixel cases and you need to make a domain around that. First, you’d head over to a domain name registrar and sign in the domain name “”. Of course, you could check this domain if it’s available or taken by someone else.

During this time you’d also pick out the top-level-domain for your URL. Those are the extensions, .org, .co, .io, etc., that follows your custom domain name.Most domain name registrars today make it easy to purchase and renew your domain names. Nevertheless, you would want to pick out accurately, as every register has their associated positives and negatives.

How to Choose the Right Registrar?

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Nowadays there are hundreds of domain name registrars to choose from.

1.Domain Transfers
Once you’ve discovered the domain name you desire, you would want to purchase it via the right registrar. Domain transferring is the process of transferring your domain from one registrar to another.

Make certain you test the transfer details in their policy. In maximum cases, your receiver’s will be able to transfer a domain for 60 days following your transfer request.

2. Contract and Pricing
Experts can purchase the domain name for three, five, or even ten years. However, if that is your first time registering a domain then we generally recommend simply registering a domain name for a year.

You can generally turn on automated renewal, so your domain doesn’t expire. This allows the freedom to transfer registrars if needed.Ensure you examine any related expenses in dealing with domain transfers, fee of renewal, and any extra fees they may tack on.

3. Customer Support
You want the support staff of the domain registrar to be on your side and support you through your domain related issues. Therefore, choose the registrar who is responsive and customer-centric.

It’s a great idea to test their responsiveness by posting a problem on their forums and noting the time it takes them to respond and solve your problem. Another helpful tip is to check both positive and negative reviews of the customers

4. Extra Services
Plenty of registrars will offer additional web services. In the past registrars would only allow registering a domain name. However, if you’re seeking to host your domain names, build your website out, and buy other certificates, then plenty of registrars can assist you in this nicely.

5. Drop Catching
Sometimes you may forget to renew your domain name, or your credit score card on report may expire. This results in your domain expire and it being unfolded for other people to buy. Occasionally your domain may be purchased via other competitor in your space, or it may be bought completely accidentally.

Now, plenty of domain registrars provide a service that holds onto the domain for you for a certain period of time to prevent this from going on. At the very least the registrar you choose should send out reminders that your domain is expiring, before it actually occurs.

What to Watch Out For When Selecting a Domain Name Registrar

1.Pricing Add-ons
Few domain registrars will tack on added costs simply as you’re about to buy your domain name. The most not unusual delivered fees are WHOIS registration and privacy safety. So, when you see a domain being advertised for a reasonably high price this could not always be the final price.

Before you complete your purchase, make sure you’re not paying an excessive amount for your domain. Plenty of domain registrars are very truthful with their pricing and don’t tack on delivered fees, what you see is what you get WYSIWYG

2. Transfer Fees
You don’t need to be registered with same domain registrar, if you don’t want to. Whatever, the reason for changing the registrar, you’ll need to look out for hidden transfer costs. A few domain registrars will do not charge you.  However, others will charge a small fee. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure the registrar pricing guidelines are clear to you.

Once you have got a domain name to your ownership there are other things you’re going to need to do get your site online, up and running. For example, hosting your site, installing a CMS such as WordPress, and growing any associated email addresses. This could be a real headache if your domain management systems are hard to use. If this is your first time buying a domain, then choose a domain registrar that is user friendly like godaddy, bluehost etc.


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