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Some years back when we look towards the competition of different industries websites, we will find that due to fewer competitors. Companies were able to get ranked quickly and easily. People easily trusted those websites. And among all their website was able to get ranked. Website Ranking Strategies were less used at that time.
On the off chance that your site is fresh and new. You need to contend with built up locales specifically on their most vital keywords then you should be great at advertising, have a superior brand methodology, or have some noteworthy component that influences individuals to need to discuss you. Without discussion and connections, it is difficult to leave behind the website that has been collecting joins for a considerable length of time.
Here we would suggest you some website ranking strategies to get better rankings on the search engine:

Website Ranking Strategies 2017

Updates of SEO Algorithm

You need to have a great knowledge of changes of algorithms in Google. These search engine rankings are mainly dependent on algorithms. The main aim of Google is to respond with almost exact and quickest results. Google is a powerful search engine and perfects though. A company will definitely need to develop its rankings on Google. The algorithms used are Penguin, Panda and the recent one is Hummingbird.
When we get the knowledge about these algorithms, we actually are knowing the changes made by Google. And this will lead you to deliver content which is ranked by Google.

Marketing of Content

In 2017, marketing the content is most vital part of SEO strategies. If you deliver high-quality and engaging content, this will get you with great value in the search engine. In any case, it doesn’t end there. You have to showcase that content on specialist websites, for example, Reddit, Quora, WiseLike, LinkedIn and other profoundly trafficked goals on the web.
You need to guarantee that you assemble comparative and important content that must be a keyword particular on expert websites, for example, and,, and that the sharing content has a solitary connection from the specialist site back to the principal content on your domain.

Improving the speed of pages

Users are most particularly attentive and take interest in websites having great speed. It is irritating for users if website pages are loading slowly. So, improvement in the speed of pages can provide you with great results on search engines.
For this purpose you can use these tools as well:

  • GTMetrix
  • Google’s Page Speed
  • Varvy’s Page Speed Tool

Focusing on Mobile Search

Google has made a coordinated push to Smartphones. Considering that Smartphones searching are presently far outperforming desktop looks, it’s no big surprise that search engines are so centering around portable devices. Be that as it may, the vast majority are still behind with regards to portable devices. Their websites work appropriately on the desktops, yet not on cell phones or even tablets.

Video Marketing

In 2017, Video marketing is a part of almost every SEO Strategy. Youtube and Vimeo are popular platforms for videos. Adding a video to your content will have great positive impact on your website.

Add relevant video to your content will drive traffic to your website. Also, create Youtube channel of your website and post relevant videos and get enormous traffic for your website.

Engaging with others

Expert is developed after some time, however, it additionally can’t be developed unless you’re social and you connect with others. In the first place, the audience won’t come to you. Indeed, what you’ve likely seen is that it’s amazingly difficult to rank any content at the start. That is on the grounds that most newcomers have almost no age and next to no expert. So you need to get out there and assemble it.
This isn’t just about sharing your substance more than once with others. You can simply post interesting stuff to cheer with the audience. Add a portion of doing conversation with your audience. Follow people and try to dig out their interest.

This article has covered some website ranking strategies which is in use in the current year. We will be going to share some more stuff with our audience.

Content written by: Arzoo Zaheer

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