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People nowadays are paying more attention to sponsored ads because it earns them a tremendous amount of money. However, these people have neglected another important aspect and that is ranking higher in search engine. Getting a top spot in a search engine is much more important than earning sums of money. There are several methods which can get you to the top ranking in search engine. I am going to share 10 tips for SEO.

Tips For SEO

Choosing the best keywords

If you are adding keywords that are not searched by the users than you are wasting your time. Let’s consider an alternative possibility, that you do get to the top position for a keyword that isn’t searched by clients. What will happen is that, Google will ascertain the number of times clients did not choose your keyword and instead pick an alternate site from the indexed list. Eventually, Google will lower your ranking in even the un-searched category. In a nutshell, attempting to beat the system is futile and results in wasting your time and energy.


Using long-tail keywords and targeting the behavior of the user, will get you with the fruitful result in SEO. This is an essential tip for SEO.

Keep an eye on your competitor

You need to figure out the competitor’s incoming links. This will give your website a high turn over. You should know your competitor’s rank in the search engine. You should also look for the keywords that have been used by your competitor.

Content should have…

You need to have following points before sharing an article:

  • Original Content
  • Thoroughly Researched
  • References
  • Relevant details
  • Link-able (Internal and External links)
  • Share-able 
  • Question Answering/Discussion
  • Promotions

Optimizing the title and meta tags

There are numerous theories based on the selection of the title of the homepage. But honestly speaking, the title should be of 60-70 character including the spaces. Google only displays this amount of title characters. Don’t forget to adjust keywords in title and descriptions.

Meta descriptions do not have a particular effect on the ranking so we will not go through it.  CTR (click-through rate) determines the value of your website by Google. If you attract the user with a call to action (like, buying, download, order, subscribe), then this can benefit in improving the CTR as well and search engine ranking.

Heading optimization

One of the tips for SEO is to include one H1 heading in the text. And after that, use sub-heading from H2-H6. H1 is used when you are assembling the page.

Using Attributes

This is the indirect method which tells the user, the redirecting location on the page. It’s likewise a W3C standard for making your page open to the individuals who are blind. This approach will help blind people to explore your site utilizing an extraordinary browser to read the title and ALT properties.

Use of readable URL’s

Choose URL’s that are easy to understand for Search engine and user too. Apart from, big URL name isn’t a problem, but a confused URL name will be one.

Connect your website to social media

Social media marketing can be an excellent source of getting traffic to your site. Engage audience with attractive content and promotions. As this will be a great benefit for your website.

Adding Keywords to Images

Images are important to Google. As Google has given a complete section of images on the browser. You should consider on choosing the correct keywords in your images. And the good thing is that it will not be considered as keyword stuffing.


Web Analytics software

Web Analytics Software is the one who keeps track of your audience on the website. And tracking your audience is tracking your success rate.

These were some of the tips for SEO. Keep sharing our content. Also, we would come up with more topics soon.

Content by: Arzoo Zaheer

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