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5 Top ways to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website

Content Written by: Waqas Khan

Organic Traffic is the natural way of having more people visit your website. It is in direct contrast to PPC (pay per click) of Google Adwords method. You don’t have to spend a single penny to get the desired traffic you need. In the long run, organic traffic is better than PPC methods because it saves you the precious dollars and gets you massive traffic. In contrast, the PPC method is very focused on a target audience which can be beneficial at new product launch or getting traffic boost in low sales season, but in long term it is very costly and unpractical.

Following are 5 top ways to increase organic traffic to your website;

1. Make your Site Accessible


We mostly focus on On-Page and Off-Page SEO in boosting organic traffic. However, one thing we forget is the importance of On-Site SEO. It consists of making your site accessible to the search engines. To do this, one needs to make the site index-able so that search engine bots can crawl and easily access your site.

To make your site accessible one should take care of broken links, URLs, Titles, Tags, Meta Description and Image Alt. The links should be tested by clicking on them or by simply matching the link URL with desired URL. The URL should be short but to the point. It should give meaningful hints about what the page is about and the type of content it contains. The Titles, Tags and Meta Description should have a shared focus keyword so that its easy for search engine to make connections.Lastly, the images used should be relevant to the topic. Further, it should have Alt attributes as Search Engines cant decipher images but uses their Alt text to crawl.

2. Link Structure & Link-Building

link building

Search engines love sites that are well organized and have well-defined linking structure. You need to include lots of links in your website. The site should have site map that explains the hierarchy of site structure, outlining menus, sub menus and other pages. Same is true for blogs where you have to include internal links; that points to other related articles of your blog, and external links; that points out to other websites.

In addition to linking structure of website, link building is of equal importance. For that, always try to get back-links from high Domain Authority and PR Site in the same niche. Getting links from same relevant site is very important because the search engine should see consistency in what you offer and what you don’t. Search engine needs to see where your expertise lies so that it can give quality content to its users. It’s a win-win situation, where the search engine gets relevant, high quality content for its users; and the website owners get high ranking and associated high traffic with it.

Since we are talking about organic traffic, one should make sure the links used are also organic. This means that one should never buy links on Fiverr or other similar platforms, because it can seriously hurt your organic traffic. The new update of Google i.e Penguin is well capable of catching such practices and penalizing your site accordingly.

3. Use Content Marketing Tactics

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is making and sharing of content that creates curiosity and interest in the products or services of a company. Simply, it is the  most searched content by people and includes viral and popular blogs or website. The core idea of content marketing is to write an article or make a website that people want or need.  From business perspective, entrepreneurs identify gaps in the current market and make a product or service accordingly.  In blogs arena, one should aim for making relevant and related ideas that people want. For example, a Software House publishing a blog post related to IT is great for getting traffic, however, if same website publishes article on Fashion, then, its is not great for traffic.

One should identify the needs of the target audience first and then make the content suiting those needs. This approach is better because you already have an audience willing to invest their time on you. You don’t have to build the audience from scratch by writing the content first and than promoting it. So, the rule of the thumb to keep in mind is identifying needs and then curating a blog around that need.

No one wants to spend hours of their time writing content that no one needs. Content marketing is all about creating and sharing content that people are interested in.

4. Maintain Frequency of Blog

blog frequency

One of the blunders new bloggers do, is that, they don’t set a frequency for their blog. Frequency of Blog simply means how often do you post blogs on your website.The newbies write at random days without clear cut plan of blog posting. They either ignore this important aspect of blogging or are completely unaware of its importance. One should set a frequency period for their blog and inform its readers before hand of when to expect a new post. For example, ‘this blog would be posted daily or twice a week etc’.

The other important thing is, maintaining the set frequency, because the readers would be dissatisfied if they blogs are not updated according to set frequency. There are ways to maintain the blog frequency. One method is to write multiple articles in advance and later post them to your blog on desired days. The other method is to write the day on which you are suppose to post the blog. The first method is better because it is more organized and allows you to post articles when you desire.

The rule of thumb here is simple. If you forget to write frequently, search engines will forget you too. The main benefit of maintaining blog frequency is that; it keeps people coming for more, people starts to subscribe to your email list and hence increase the organic traffic of your site.

5. Convert Traffic into Subscription

convert traffic

What is the use of all traffic if there is no output or goal achievement out of it?  Various goals can be set for a website. For example, email subscription, e-book download, product purchase, training signup etc. For the purposes of blogs, email subscription is very important. You should set automatic email subscriber pop up when a user visits your website. Subscribers make up your re-visitors base and are the primary source for your website word-of-mouth advertising on social media sites.

Suppose your blog gets successful and you get massive amount of traffic now what?  Lets break down the science behind email subscription to answer that. Lets say, you send 2000 emails to a client base for your recent blog post, out of which 500 open the mail and 100 clicked the link to actually read your post. Now these 100 subscribers, called re-visitors , will share your post and generate more traffic for your website.

The Email subscription method creates a cycle of re-visitors and traffic generation for your website.


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