Why you need ASO in Ranking Your App Higher in Store Search

What is ASO?

ASO stands for App Store Optimization. It is the process of ranking an Android or iOS app higher in app store organic searches. The benefit of this is that your app gets more visibility of the users; and the more visibility in turn translates into more traffic to your app’s page; and ultimately it results in more downloads.

What ASO achieves?

The systematic process of ASO tries to achieve following goals for the developers and marketers of the mobile app.

1. 65% of app downloads are made due to App Store searches. ASO make sure that you take benefit from this statistical fact.

2. Other goal of ASO is to rank you higher for specific keywords.

3. Rank your app higher than that of competitors app.

4. To increase the number of reviews your app receives.

5. To increase the number of downloads your app gets.

6. To give you maximum exposure and visibility that results in high traffic for your app

What are the best practices of ASO?

There are various elements that needs to be kept in mind for doing App Store Optimization for an app. These include App title, App icon, Screenshots, Video, Localization and App Description. We will look at them one by one, in order of importance.

App Title:

It is proven by different researches that it’s better to have the keywords in the App title as it results in more traffic and conversion rate. However, not a lot of people are capitalizing on this fact and only 16% apps have used keywords in their app title; in contrast to 84% who are not using keywords in the app title.


Both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store provide the use of a video. It helps in promoting your app. Further, adding a video to your app is a great way to showcase overall features in less amount of time. The recommended limit of the video is 15-30 seconds with maximum size of 50mbs. The formats that are supported include .mp4, .m4v, and .mov.

app icon

App Icon:

The first visual element of the app is its icon. It is same as a logo or brand for a product or service. The icon should be appealing and convey the app message across. The design should be simple because it’s difficult to distinguish complex design on scale down.


Screenshots are the sneak-peek inside your app before someone actually downloads it. It acts as representing the actual pages or working of your app to the users. There are 5 screenshots available per app and all slots should be used to maximize the ASO effort. Each screenshot should show unique benefit of your app along with supplemental text for clarification. Lastly, the first 2 screenshots should be the best representation of your app, because these are the ones one see when scrolling through app search results.

screen shot


Localization means making an app in the regional language of your target audience. It is the most untapped practice of ASO. Now a day, most of the apps are made in English language which has raised the competition– as the number of apps increase for a particular niche. One of the ways of beating the competition is to go local and translate your app in different languages. One study shows that localization can increase the number of downloads by 300%.


App Description:

Using keywords in the app description is a ranking factor for Google Play Store but not Apple App Store at all. The target keywords should be included in app description body much like using them in the App Title. The description should usually start with introducing the company or developers and their previous successful work, if any.  Then, it should move on to introducing the app and its features. The app description should be always be accompanied by a video and 5 screenshots, so a point that you are making in app description gets explained in the supplementary material. The maximum character limit for app description is 4000 characters.

Keyword Selection:

It should be noted that a keyword must not solely be selected on its higher search volume. However, it should be selected in conjunction with other important points like competition and conversion rate. If there is more search volume for a keyword it means that there would be more competition and equally difficult to rank that app higher. The other thing to keep in mind before selecting keyword is the download rate of the apps ranking for that keyword. Therefore, keywords should have decent search volume and long-tail words just like SEO practices—so that an app can rank higher in app stores.


Content Written: Waqas Khan

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