How to do Competitor Analysis for your SEO Campaign?

Have you ever thought how your competitor got #1 Google ranking for your most coveted keyword? It is because of competitor analysis. This is a foundation of SEO campaign that you should know who your competitors are, why are they ranking for, and they achieved those rankings? Here are four simple and effective steps process that will increase your website visibility in a very short time.

1. Identify your keyword

First of all do keyword research. Search your target keyword if you don’t then your competitive analysis simply won’t have legs. Choose the most appropriate and suitable keyword for your website.

In Google search type target key word. Select the website and save it which will show up in the top 5 rankings for each of your keyword. Repeat this step for each keyword you are trying to rank for.

2. Now identify your competitor

Keep it in mind that the business competitors are not always SEO competitors, But from SEO perspective, your competitors are those who are ranking in the first and second page of Google for your top keywords.


You also have direct competitors who know nothing about but there are great intelligence tools you can used which can help. SEMRush and Keyword Spy are used for determining which sites or pages are ranking for your chosen target keywords. These tools can also provide you a wealth of information about your competitors.

Ahrefs is a tool which can also help you. Subscribe to which is a best link building tool in market.


Paste in the URLs of each your competitors in URL bar which you saved previously. In this way all the back-links for your competitor will show up. Now export the document in excel format. For each competitor URL for all you keywords repeat this step.

Compile all exported documents in one large file. Once you did now sort the list in descending order by “AhrefRanks”. AhrefRanks is new metric developed by Ahrefs which determine the authority of each site.

Go all the high ranked websites and get those links. The process seems lengthy but its not lengthy its takes 30 minutes and it is a onetime effort.

3. Determine the authority of your competitors

This is a key aspect of competitive analysis that how authoritative your competitors sites are. You may find unrealistic expectations for your site, without this information. You should consider some factors like the age of a domain, linking roots domain to the site and the “Domain Authority” to the site. Since if you already identified your competitors in step#2 you simply need to plug their URLs into tool to get key data like page authority, domain authority, social metrics and inbound links.

Other helpful data like ‘just discovered links’ on a particular domain top pages and anchor text most commonly used on a site or page.
But you should keep in mind that page and domain authority will be relative. You should depend on the authority of your own site whether you choose to compete against a site.


Content Written: Anbreen Inayat

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