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Great SEO Tools to find Long Tail Keywords in any industry

This blog is about the great SEO tools for finding long tail keywords in any industry. Our primary focus will be on discussing these great tools which will help people to target the keywords and can make their path towards success. But at first, we will be considering the term long tail keywords.

What are long tail keywords?

These are the phrases which consist of three to five words. These are used for refining the search terms on the website’s page. Long tail keywords are utilized to characterize what is on the site page and what the site owner needs to be found under web indexes and on web search tool comes on pages. These keywords are very specific, and draw less activity for the site, yet tend to bring a more significant portion of traffic, which leads to a more substantial number of conversions than keywords which are ordinary. The long tail keywords can likewise be utilized by publisher and guests in various ways.

Great SEO Tools

Answer the Public

It is a free tool for researching of the long tail keyword. It belongs to UberSuggest line but the proposition offered is unique. This tool will help you in finding out the most keywords that have been searched around.


The ubersuggest tool will be your best partner regarding long tail keyword research as it will also provide relevant details of keywords like search volume and keyword competition. This UberSuggest tools will work best to give you suggestions of long tail keywords for all of your articles.

LongTail Pro

It is a paid tool, and the features this tool provides are exceptional regarding generation of long tail keywords. In the past, this tools only worked as a desktop based but now with trending technology they are more focusing on the cloud. They are famous for specialty advertiser and a conventional apparatus on the off chance that you are searching for paid choices.

WordTracker Keyword Tool

It is also among the important SEO tools. Utilizing WordTracker Keyword Tool, you can without much of a stretch find productive long-tail keywords alongside essential points of interest like Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), searches competition and Keyword in anchor and text (IAAT).

The free version will get you with 100 results of keywords. It is an efficient tool, and it will help you to get ideas of keywords for your article.

Google Auto Complete tool

It is a remarkable SEO tool which is introduced by Google. This is a helpful component from Google, which will enable you to discover long-tail keyword in any industry effortlessly. Google auto-populates keywords given prominence. You should merely begin writing your first keyword, and select the alternatives from the auto-recommendation. Moreover, the features of this tools include CPC, number of searches, Competition and other helpful things.


This is one of the most current contestants in the Keyword look into the market of tools. Be that as it may, the sort of functionalities KWfinder offers, it’s unquestionably extraordinary compared to other tools out there. KWfinder gives immeasurably critical information about the keywords including the level of difficulty to enable you to locate the simple to rank long tail Keywords.

These were the great SEO tools for finding keywords in industry. We would come up with more blogs for sure, so stay tuned.


Content Written by: Arzoo Zaheer

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