How To Make Money With Godaddy Affiliate Program:

What is Godaddy Affiliate Marketing

Godaddy Affiliate Marketing is a name of promoting product, services and earning commission from it. Godadday Affiliate Program is one of the best choices for all affiliate marketers because of its high paying commission rates.

Godaddy is one of the most popular Domain and Web hosting provider. In this post you will learn about Godaddy Affilate Program and how to apply for it; and how to make Money with the Godaddy Affiliate Program.

Godaddy was founded in 1997.Everyone can join this affiliate program and can earn money by promoting their products.This affiliate program not offering fixed income referral but offer up to 40% commission per scale based on the product and offer. When the person buys the product based on your recommendation you’ll receive a commission.

How To Join Godaddy Affiliate Program:

You can join Godaddy affiliate program, but your website should meet Godaddy’s terms and conditions to join their Affiliate Program. Earlier Godaddy used to have their own affiliate program but now they use and routed with Zanox and CJ to manage their affiliate program. Sign up for Godaddy Affiliate Program you will then use Zanox or CJ marketplace.

Visit Godaddy Affiliate page and click on join now Commission junction button to join their Godaddy Affiliate Program. If you are already a member on Commission junction then simply log in to your account and search for Godaddy and apply for Godaddy Affiliate Program otherwise you have to create a new account. Or else join through Zanox.

Then you’ll receive the application status whether it’s accepted or denied. If an application is accepted you can start promoting the product.

How to Make Money with Godaddy Affiliate Program

You have affiliate products in your hands. If you want to make money you need to promote those products. If anyone buys that product you will receive a promotion fee. Now I am sharing some great ways to promote these products on your blog to make money with it.

Way 1: You should write a Detailed Review about your product
Write a detailed article which introduce your product with your blog readers and show them why they should buy your product.

Way 2: Now add Affiliate Links to Related Bog Post
Blog Post promotion is another way to make income with your affiliate product. With your blog post add affiliate product links.

Way 3: In Blog Landing Pages Add Affiliate Links
You should link your website affiliate link directly on landing pages to improve sales. Your Product landing page is optimized for higher conversion rate.

Way 4: Now Create Posts with Coupon Codes
You should create a post with coupon codes and Update it regularly with new discount offers and coupon codes to generate more sales.

Way 5: How To Receive The Payment
After 2 months, Payments are processed once it’s verified. You can get the payment through check or Paypal.


Content Written by Anbreen Inayat

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