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15 Best Ways to Earn Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Have you heard about how much money you can make online on Amazon Affiliate? Maybe you’ve  set up a site yourself, you may tested it out and found everything up and running, only a few bucks in affiliate income came flowing in few months.

Well, but it is my own experience, I’ll teach you the best ways to really make money with an Amazon affiliate site. It will take just one day.

The secret is The Low Cost, Low Effort.

Know How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Site.

Building an Amazon Affiliate site is just one thing, but it’s a challenge to start bringing the traffic that’ll convert product sales. It is extremely important to choose the right niche for your site.

1.Learn Some Basic HTML

You have to keep your costs low and still get what you want. If the site is basically laid out for you, you need to know the basics of HTML like how to insert images, create hyperlinks and some basic formatting.

2.Choose Your Niche

You have to pick a topic of your interest that you enjoy and you know something about that. If you are not passionate about the topic, that will show, and won’t hold your interest. Choose a narrow enough niche like bands from your city, music for a certain dancing, arts and crafts etc.

3.Choose Domain Name

Make domain name keyword-rich, not clever. Keep it in mind how people will find your site in search engines. Here I’ll show you some ideas.

  • Music:,,
  • Books:, Mormon- etc

4.Once you choose Domain Name now Register it.

If you are not technically inclined at all.You should register domain name. Register it with or

5.Now Set up your Web Hosting

This is where most people get burned. You don’t need $10 a month web hosting for this kind of site. We have a list of cheap Web Hosting for under $10 some are little as $4 a month you can run sites on the same hosting package.

6.Install WordPress

It will give all the structure your site you need; you’ll easily post new contents. WordPress is opensource easy to install easy to use and more powerful. Download it and follow the installation instructions.

7.Make it Pretty Awsome

WordPress have huge variety templates available in it. They completely change the look and feel.

8.Set Categories

Most blogs software allows you to create sub-categories to help you to organize your entries.

This will help visitors they will find topic easily on their interest. Like may be a group of some categories for genre, rock, country etc.

9.Sign up as an Amazon Affiliate

It is quite easy and simple. Visit Amazon and join Associates links at the bottom of the page.

10.Now create Blog Posting Bookmarks and Links

There are two links which are essential for you to make it easy. The first is the blog posting link. In Your blog software, at the bottom of the posting page click on “bookmarket” and drag it to your Links tool bar or your favorite menu. It allows you to blog a product with one click.

11.Create Amazon Build-A-Link Bookmark and Link.

This will make to build the link with your affiliate ID built in. In Associates Central Long in, go to the Left navigation bar, Click on Build-A-Link find individual Item under Static Links. Drag this in your Links toolbar.

12.Now Create your First Link

Log in to your Associates account in Amazon.  Choose a product you want to review, use the Site Stripe to get personalized link to the item.

13.Blog Review

Click on blog posting link. You should see two pieces of link code, the 1st one is ending with “Associates Bulid-A-Link></a>”. Delete through that point.  The 2nd is a link to the product of your Associate ID. Write product review, choose categories for it and Publish it.

14.Create your Amazon Affiliate Site

Before you promote your website, you should have some awesome contents there. Write product reviews. Atleast 2-3 in every category. You can also create categories for articles, news etc. The more contents your site has, the more will better.

15.Now Promote Your Amazon Affiliate Site

The best-est free way for this is to communicate with bloggers about similar topics. Participate in online communities. See the Online Business Networking sites for ideas, as well as see the Internet Marketing.


Content Written by Anbreen Inayat

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