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10 Awesome Ways to Get High Traffic to your YouTube Videos

If you want to earn money from YouTube Channel, just uploading videos are not going to get you the big numbers. You need to have decent traffic and views in order to turn your dreams into reality. Following are 10 Free awesome ways to get high traffic to your YouTube videos.

1. Video Title

The video title is the first important step in getting high traffic.

  • The title should be short and concise.
  • Use current year e.g Awesome Marketing Tips of 2017
  • Use keywords in the beginning instead of middle or end
  • Use words that hooks people like (Awesome, Mind blowing etc)
  • Use capitals in title. Use this tool 

2. Video Tag

Next, use YouTube video tags to your advantage. Not a lot of newbies are aware of this simple yet powerful way of generating huge traffic. Few things to keep in mind while tagging;

  • Use your brand name as a video tag in all your videos. E.g Mindgigs Entertainment, Viralkar etc
  • Use your focus keyword as the tag as well. For example, if the video is about Tips for Ranking Higher in Google, then the video tag must mention this
  • Use variation of your selected keyword. e.g Ranking in Google, Tips for Ranking in Google, Rank Higher in Google etc
  • Use the tags incorporated by high ranking videos. You can find them here Tube Buddy Chrome Extension

3. Custom Thumbnail

You need to verify your YouTube account before you can use this feature. A custom thumbnail can help you stand out in related videos section and get you the desired traffic.

  • Use high resolution of 1280 x 720. This will help your thumbnail to appear clear even if the image size is small.
  • Upload in recognizable formats of jpg, gif, or png
  • Upload under 2MB for speedy loading
  • The aspect ratio should be 16:9 because it is the standard of Youtube previews
  • The thumbnail should be both desktop and mobile friendly

Use Canva or YouZign to design a thumbnail for your YouTube videos in minutes.

4. Zoom-in On Branding

Outro: a small clip that runs at the end of the videos and asks customer to like and subscribe. It is also used to show related videos of your channel.

Your Youtube Channel should be a brand in itself. It should have a logo, a thumbnail and catchy brand name. Apart from that the videos should have intro and outro.

Intro: 3-5 second clip that runs at the start of each video. Intro focuses on building your brand in your audience minds through consistent bombardment.

Use Camtasia to create your own Intro and Outro videos. Or if you are occupied you can always hire someone on  Fiverr for a small amount.

5. Share videos on Social Media

Its always a good idea to direct traffic from sources outside YouTube. You can use your Social Media Reach to leverage your YouTube Channel. Use following social media profiles to gain high traffic.

  • Twitter Profile
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Profile
  • Google Plus Page
  • Pinterest Profile

Use tools like Buffer for automatic scheduling and posting. Also use IFTTT for creating if this than that applets, to optimize sharing on social media.

6. Start a Blog for your Youtube Channel

Creating a blog in combo with your Youtube Channel is also great for traffic. Some Bloggers make videos out of their blogs and post it on Youtube. Others make videos first and make the blog later. However, both are great practices.

You should embed your Youtube videos in your blog for maximizing traffic.

  • Use WordPress for creating Blog
  • Use Video-friendly theme
  • Use BlueHost or GoDaddy for Hosting
  • Once on WordPress, Use Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin for ranking your blog higher

7. Create a Playlist or Add to an Existing Playlist

Playlist is often ignored method to get high traffic. All you need to do is to either create a playlist or add  your videos to existing playlist. By using playlist you increase your chances of higher click through rate.

Follow these steps to create your playlist

  1. Give a name to the playlist & have a keyword in the title.
  2. Add a detailed description
  3. Group related videos into one playlist.
  4. A single video can be enlisted in more than one playlist.

YouTube playlists appear in search results. Therefore, by doing this you increase chances of your video discovery.

8. Use Calls to Action

People need to be told clearly what actions you want them to take.

Call to Action for your videos is simply asking your viewers to like, subscribe and share. Research shows that just by asking viewers to do this, increase your follow though by 3 times.

You can use the Call to Action in your Outro or even in the middle of long video to strengthen the bond with viewers.

9. Interview influencers in your niche

If you are new to generating traffic for your YouTube Channel, you should try interviewing already established influencers in your niche.

While this is not always easy and requires networking on your part. However, it is worth the effort –considering the influencers has huge fanbase already deployed.

You can use Hangouts or Skype to interview the influencers. For Skype use Ecamm Call Recorder

10. Spend time learning at YouTube creators academy

All these tips are great for generating high traffic to your videos. However, you should take the time out to learn changing trends at YouTube Creators Academy.

YouTube is a dynamic platform that gets revised frequently. Therefore, its best to keep oneself abreast with changing techniques.


Content Written by Waqas Khan

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