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6 Successful Tips & Tricks How to Do Viral Video Marketing?

video viral

There’s no doubt that viral video marketing really works and many studies and statistics prove that. For numerous reasons online video marketing is very attractive. however you must follow these 6 steps for video viral of your marketing purpose.

video viral


Online videos stay online forever. Your video could still be getting views even after years, if you spend your money to record once.

Here are some Tips & Tricks which will show you how to do Viral Video Marketing?

6 Quick Tips & Tricks to Optimize Your Videos

Once you record video make sure it reaches your core audience and get the views it deserves by following these tips.

  1. Make your Title Count

Videos titles can pull powerful traffic like a headline of a blog post. The title is so much important because of two reasons. No 1.  A catchy title can instantly grab your viewer’s attention. No 2. When you use keywords in title, you are most likely to show up on search engine when people search for that topic. Keep in mind Google owns YouTube, So there is a strong connection between video and searching.

  1. Provide Excellent Content

Think about your ideal viewer. Do you know that they will find your videos valuable? What can you teach? “How-to” videos are very successful because they not only give great value to your viewers, but you are able to showcase your knowledge and skills. This is the key for growing your brand.

No matter how good is your content, keep trying to shorten your videos so that you don’t lose your viewers attention.

  1. Include URL in Your Video

Take advantage of different features when you edit your video. Add a text box to your video where you can display your website address which is a great way to get exposure.

  1. Video Branding Opportunities – Take Advantages of This

Make a company logo and place it at one of the corners in all of your videos. This is great for building your viral videos brand. You can also go a step further and watermark your videos for the purpose of copy rights. This way, your competitors won’t be able to copy and post your videos for their benefit.

  1. Provide HTML Link

You have an option to give short description about your video when you post on YouTube. Always take a start with the link which you want to drive your viewers to. Don’t miss this key opportunity.

  1. Go Beyond YouTube

While Most of the people post their videos on YouTube. But make sure to post your videos on your own website also. This will increase the amount of time that people spend on your website and help grow a captive audience.

Google algorithm always considers how many times a video is viewed. It also considers embedded video views you receive. Both of these views get added to ‘total views’ tally on YouTube. For showing up in Google search results it is very important.


Content Written by: Anbreen Inayat

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