How to Earn Money from Social Media using Famebit


while one of the most popular and wonderful online platform to make money online with your social media channel like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine etc. however It is self marketing platform by which you can earn money through Famebit. But The platform allows the creators to find sponsorship for them.


Famebit has the only one drawback.Because that you need a minimum of 5000 follower base anywhere. while It may be 5000 followers on twitter or 5000 subscribers on youtube.

After having a minimum 5000 follower base Famebit lets you sign up. You can earn a lot of money after connecting through wordpress. Famebit connects you directly with your brand.because it will let you choose your sponsorship yourself. It awards you pretty awesome amount of money for your work.Though you have 500-600$ per sponsored post.

It is absolutely free and allows you with such option like full dedicated post or temporary post. Because Full dedicated posts are those post which are paid more as they are full dedicated only to a product.But You can simply name your product at any corner if you don’t want to focus on product. You can earn money from famebit lesser with this but a lesser that full dedicated post. While If you have big follower base you can make thousand of $ by temporary sponsored post.

How You Can Earn Money From it

As I tell you above that you need minimum of 5000 followers for signing up for it. Once you make 5000 follower you can now signup and start to earn money from famebit. Once you complete the basic registration you can now proceed. You can see the main page, after signing up.  You can search any product in the search box and choose the sponser out. Click on the product once you select

the product. Here you can see the requirements and the fees offered for the product you selected.  If you like the product and meet the requirements click on send a proposal. Now you need to write an impressive and convincing article which convince the owner of the product easily. Regarding your proposal send the email and wait for the replay. If they approved you, you can start making great contents for the sponsor.

If you submit the contents on social media account you can sent the same contents to the owner on Famebit. After you submit it they will your copyright owners of your contents and you will pay the fees, Now they can use your written contents anywhere on the ads or where they want.

Famebit is one of the most effective way of earning money online from your social media accounts. Lets start to earn money from Famebit by using your social media accounts.

Content Written: Anbreen Inayat

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