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How To Save Money Each Year On Web Hosting Renewals

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A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.If you search the internet, you will come across many web hosts offering significant discounts.Here is a list of some popular web hosts:

  •  Bluehost
  •  HostGator
  •  Site builder
  •  Site ground
  •  GoDaddy

In this article, we will discuss different ways to save money while going for web hosting renewals or buying a new web hosting service.Here are some major points on web hosting renewal.

  •  Buy web hosting for lifetime.
  •  Buy web hosting for longer periods.
  •  Seek discount from the current web host.
  •  Look for alternate web host when current hosting period is about to expire.


1: Buy Web Hosting For Life Time.

When you purchase web hosting for the first time or change your current web host you need to consider these following:

  •  Features
  •  Price
  •  Support
  •  Speed
  •  Uptime
  •  Reviews

Lifetime Hosting is one of the most reliable hosting companies in the industry now. They offer excellent features and many extra services. This is the best offer on the market presently and need to say, The provider is ready to assist you in all the set up with lifetime support.

The most important features that they offer is the ability to host unlimited domains on one hosting account and fast websites loading. A free domain for life, free script library, 99.9% uptime guarantee included. When it comes to web hosting, Lifetime Hosting is our best choice and it really deserves your consideration. The web hosting package consists of limitless data traffic and infinite disc space. Customers are allowed to host about 11 domain names with only one web hosting package. The package also contains of selling tools and domain name for lifetime. Many other e-commerce and multimedia system features are taken with web hosting project. Web establishing tools, guides and application programs will make it accessible for each one to produce and host a website. Most of the people choose Lifetime Hosting service because of their features.

web hosting

Lifetime Hosting does not only provide quantity in the form of features and services. You will also get quality services. They provide one of the most affordable plans due to cost of extra features involved when buying a hosting plan. Some of the features include unlimited disk space, free site builder, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting, free setup and $25 free of Google and Yahoo Ad credits.

If you are looking for the beat web hosting, here is the reason why you need Lifetime Hosting. Most clients’ signup for $2.95/mo hosting only to find out that the renewal has increased to about $8.95-$11.95/mo. But with lifetime hosting there are no renewal fees. Another incredible feature about Lifetime Hosting is the fact that they provide cash guarantee. In other words, assuming you are not satisfied with their services and features your money will be refunded to you immediately. Control Panel is also a very useful interface tool. Lifetime Hosting uses the cPanel. It is user-friendly and functions on an interface that have different uses.

2: Buy Web Hosting For Longer Periods

This is time to decide the period of web hosting. If you can afford, go for the three years plan. It will give you the maximum saving. Here is an example of Linux Hosting Standard Plan from Bluehost:

 If you buy a hosting for one month, it starts from $2.78/mo. It provides you only a single domain and unmetered bandwidth.

 If you buy a hosting for one year, it costs about $3/mo. Renew it later for two years $5/mo. Your total cost becomes: $3*12+$5*24=$156.

 But if you buy a hosting for three years $3/mo. The total cost for three years becomes=$3*36=$108.

 You can see an apparent saving of $48. Although it looks small, it is still a saving.

Note: You can apply this rule to any plan from any host except a few hosts like Namecheap.

3: Seek Discount from Current Web Host

As you know, all the web hosts like GoDaddy and HostGator etc offer great discounts for a new customer. But this discount is not available to the existing clients. Consider the situation where you initially bought the web hosting for one month or one year, and now it is due for renewal. You might think what to do to get the renewal at a discount. Don’t worry, we help you in this hard situation. Just simply contact with the company and tell them:“We want to renew our domain and web hosting, so kindly offer us some discount”. We are sure that they will give you some discount.Remember, all the web hosts want to retain their customers and hence offer some discounts if requested. In case, a web host doesn’t agree for a discount, then you have the other option which is listed in the next point.

4: Look for Alternate Web Host When Current Hosting Period Is About to Expire

If you are not satisfied with the current web host or if they don’t agree to any discounts for web hosting renewal, then you should look for an alternate web host. Many web hosts will offer you a great price and a free website migration service. “Namecheap.com” and “1and1.com” are two web hosts that provide hosting at a very cheap rate. But this service are not at par with the top five vendors listed at the beginning of this article.In case, the new host don’t offer free migration then you will need to perform this activity yourself. Although it is not difficult to migrate your website from one web host to another, still some technical knowledge is required. Even if you don’t know this procedure, you can still find some articles and videos on this topic on the internet to help you out.


Content Written: Anbreen Inayat

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