youtube alternatives

5 YouTube Alternatives to Gain More Views on Your Videos

youtube alternatives


If you’re working as a video blogger on YouTube then you should know about the other websites which are similar to YouTube. Because It will also help you to get more views on YouTube channel. It also provides you a biggest fan base which can be more popular on YouTube. They are also YouTube alternative. youtube alternatives

YouTube Alternatives will increase your exposure to audience

Here I am giving you some idea to those who are working on YouTube to become popular on YouTube and intend to get more exposure in the internet world. Because This idea will expand your viewers list $ you’ll get more subscribers on YouTube. You can use these alternatives to get awesome earning and exposure,

Upload those Videos on other sites however you can emerge as a brand in other places of internet. This will become one of your YouTube promotion policies. Facebook, Twittter, Vimeo & Dailymotion are best YouTube Alternatives.

With a Good Introduction Brand Your YouTube Channel

To attract more viewers towards your content contact the professional video branding people will provide you a good introduction to your video and awesome ending. This professional charge $10 to $20 for their work.  Meet these professionals on Fiverr.

But Save your time by sharing your videos on Tube Buddy, chrome extension on social media networking sites.

Upload Your Videos on Facebook

To provide a board exposure to your videos upload it on Facebook after YouTube. Upload the teaser of your video however on Facebook Instagram  show that viewers will easily visit to your YouTube Channel & can watch you’re Videos.

Split your video and upload a part of it on Facebook, more users will attract on YouTube.

Check these conditions before you upload a video on Facebook.

Max Size of Video: 4GB

Max Time: 120 mins

Size Expectation: 1.75GB

Length of a Caption: 2200 chars


Upload Your Video on Twitter


Twitter is also a giant social networking site will connect you with more viewers. Like uploading a video on Facebook, upload a part of your video on Twitter. But keep these differences.

Maximun Video Time: 2m 20s

Supported Format: (Uploaded from Mobile app):MP4 & MOV

(Uploaded from Website): MP4 format with H264 format

Video Max Size: 512 Mb


On Instagram Upload Your Videos

You can upload videos on Instagram on Mobile app only. Upload a teaser on Instagram but Video maximum length on Instagram is very less.

Video Maximum Length: 60 secs

Upload on mobile only


Uploads your videos on Vimeo

For Vloggers Vimeo offer paid & free membership plan. 500 MB space they offer for videos every week. Upload 10 videos in day on Vimeo. Because Vimeo has a good feature like you can upload video from cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or One Drive.

Read all the guidliness & other policies to monetize your videos on Vimeo. because it will rank high your videos.


Uploads your videos on Dailymotion

On Dailymotion the biggest alternative where you can monetized your videos as you doing on YouTube.Because You cannot get many views on Dailymotion like YouTube.But On Dailymotion you’ll get little but more exposure.

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Content Written: Anbreen Inayat

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