Tailor shop management software free download for FYP


Now days tailor is very advanced, they also need many clients and more business,

Tailoring now a day very expensive and very attractive, New design and fashion are developing now days with new trends and fashion,

Mindgigs Peshawar have tailoring cutting shop software if you need then please contact us.

TMS Tailor body measurement software free download possible if you pay us,

The tailor shop management software open source is for FYP for all universities of list in Pakistan.

Any student can present tailored project report, custom-tailoring the script with our approval, in this application we will also help you,

TMS is one the best tailoring software for FYP and Tailoring people, this software is also available in Android application  

Online tailor software is also used if you have many branches in different city or different locations,

FYP, This project online tailor shop is also available as source code for FYP(Final year project idea)

This online tailor shop software open source you can download and present to your instructor as FYP, We can also help you , for more modification and understanding.


This system also has tailor fashion designer management system, where you can manage all types of orders and customer and your employee,

We will provide you tailoring management system source code with some small cost.

In this application a tailoring management system project report at the dashboard level.

We will also provide tailor shop management system project documentation pdf as well with all documentation,

This application tailored management software system or project in PHP.


Demo Version :- Click here,

Youtube     https://youtu.be/XMpWNJ7pKZ

User name      admin@admin.com

Password      123456


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to use Ginger
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